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We're a family-owned company with traditions, founded in 1988 in Poznan, Poland.


We developed our savoir-faire over 30 years:

1. WE DESIGN: we create a product based on client's brief

2. WE KNIT: we produce scarves, hats with German STOLL machines of highest European standard

3. WE SEW: we use own sewing facilities to produce t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants, masks etc.

4. WE DECORATE: we offer printing and embroidery services with best-in-class production machines:

- SCREEN PRINTING: is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a material. One of the main advantage of screen printing is its long durability. The best solution for cotton and polyester products

- DIGITAL PRINTING: is a method of printing from a digital-based image directly to material. The best solution for colorful photos or logos printed on cotton-made products

- DYE-SUBLIMATION: is a computer printing technique which uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric. It's a chemical process thanks to which to print remains resistant to multiple washings. The best solution for cotton-made products

- FLEX FOIL: is a method of printing metallic foil on a clothing in order to enhance the aesthetic of the final product

- COMPUTER EMBROIDERY: best-in-class standards to produce untypical effects such as shiny embroidery or 3D

Printing & Embroidery can be done on garments produced by ourselves as well as on products supplied by our clients.

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